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My advocacy is to help individuals understand how valuable emotional based thinking is to success, both on a personal and professional level.   This  expansive way of thinking and feeling promotes a general awareness of ourselves, allowing us to perceive our world from a place of understanding and compassion. It promotes a higher level of problem solving coupling both rational and emotional minds

Several years ago I participated in a divorce, and yes, it shook me up and changed me.  It left me questioning everything up to that point, and left me wondering at the end '"Who was I " and more importantly " Who did I wish to be".
I took time to reflect, a lot, about when I was happiest in my life, and what version of myself made me feel the best about who I am.  When I found that person, I consciously decided that I wanted to be a better version of him.  I realized I was given the opportunity to re-create myself and start over, and it was time to take that opportunity.   
Working with horses started me on a journey of rediscovering myself and how I engage with my world. It has allowed me to reestablish who I am through thoughtful insight and redefining my belief systems. 
I came to realize how my early experiences in my life both personal and professional, were incomplete. I learned how critical creativity and emotional based learning is for one's success.    This journey into working with horses has expanded my thinking, embodying more congruency and authenticity within myself, and enabling me to merge both the rational and emotional mind.   Bringing these two parts of our inner knowing together is a powerful and amazing process. It has allowed me to handle any situation that is presented and create the solutions needed to resolve problems and achieve my goals through the connection to my whole and true self.
My hope is that I may impart this transformation to you in order for you to experience your life and the world around you more on your terms, in a more intentional and directed manner. 
My mission holds several ideals. First is to assist individuals who look to realize thier personal growth potential by connecting to their emotional based thinking. Second, providing business professionals with a means to re-engage with their employees on a more effective level, creating a leadership based space, and a herd/team atmosphere of success and growth.  Lastly, I advocate for the horse, an amzing and majestic being that offers their help and support to us, and has been for a millenia.  There are numerous successes in human history that owe thanks to the horse for its part in that success.  The horse is here still to offer that help, and I beilieve we must acknowledge that offering by honoring the horse and all that it stands for. 

Connect with us and explore your possibilities. 

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