The essence of being with a horse is to understand ones own inner self through the reflective nature of these amazing beings. When one opens up to a horse and accepts a horse mentality, it shows us our place of knowing and allows us to explore our authentic self.  


What is personal growth and why do we work on it?  


What methods do we utilize in order to find our way with ourselves and our place in our world?


Our personal lives are comprised of many components, from family, friends, hobbies, habits, routines, etc.  Each one of these when experienced over and over again constitutes what we come to define as our "normal", it becomes our security and our comfort zone. These components comprise our "why" and the resulting "story" we tell ourselves about our place in our world. If we are to change our "why" and our "story" we need to understand what it is and learn how to work with it to create a new way of thinking. 

We as humans tend to rely on our rational minds, which allows us to create a version of our own story that may not allign with who we are at our core.  It's what we do to justify what and who we are.   In looking to achieve congruency between rational and emotional self, we start to explore our own innate knowing and inner wisdom. This can in turn lead us to the answers we seek about oursleves.

Working with horses is powerful. It places us into a partnership, or herd of two - horse and participant.  This relationship shows us how to explore this place of knowing and the emotional side of ourselves.    This is where we can learn to shift our story away from what we have experienced in our lives and open a more expansive way of thinking. We can ask the "why" and have a more broad base of answers and truly learn to shift our perspective and change how we interact with our world.

Connect with us and explore your possibilities. 

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